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Are you a young person interested in converting to the Catholic faith?

Quo Vadis is dedicated to helping young people who are on the journey to the Catholic Church. Affiliated with Marcus Grodi’s apostolate, the Coming Home Network International, we assist youth interested in learning more about the Catholic faith.

Quo Vadis helps youth and young adults who express interest in the Catholic Church through one on one assistance by pairing those interested in the Catholic Church with helpers.

Be sure to check out back issues of the Quo Vadis newsletter to learn more about what Catholics believe.

Be you an inquirer into the Catholic Church or a young person willing to share the Catholic faith with another we have a place for you at Quo Vadis!

Also, if you are a convert to the Catholic Church we would love to put your conversion story on the website. Just e-mail Mary Clare your story and we'll include it!


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